Agencies And Exclusive Distributions

  • IHI Corporation

    Manufactures of Compressors, Separators and Cryogenic products

  • Toshiba Corporation

    Manufactures of Turbines, Compressor and Heat Exchangers

  • Hitachi

    Manufactures of Sea Water Pumps and Compressor

  • DMW

    Manufactures of Pumps and Air Blowers

  • Toshiba

    Manufactures of Generators

  • KAJI

    Manufactures of Nitrogen Compressors

  • ARAI

    Manufactures of Centrifugal and Propeller Pumps

  • Shirakawa

    Manufactures of Pumps

  • Seedia

    Manufactures of Smart City Solution and Smart Benches

  • Nippon Gear

    Manufactures of Valve Actuators and Highspeed gear Drivers

  • Tokyo Keiso Co Ltd

    Manufactures of level gauges and Flow measuring instrument

  • Marushichi Co., Ltd

    Manufactures of piston pumps and centrifugal pumps


    Manufactures of global Valves

  • Nakakita

    Manufactures of Butterfly valves, Automatic valves and Remote controllers

  • Daido

    Manufactures of Coupling Instruments.

and more...

  • Tokyo Keiso Co. Ltd.

    Level Gauges and Flow measuring Instruments.

  • Kawaki Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd. Japan

    Flow Meters, Orifice Flow Meters

  • Nakakita Seisakusho Co. Ltd

    Butterfly Valves, Automatic valves, Remote Controllers.

  • Ryutai Kogyo Co

    Flow measuring Instruments.

  • Marushichi Engineering Co. Ltd. Japan

    Piston Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps.

  • Daido Precision Industries, Japan

    Form Flex, Micro Coupling

  • Avatec Power Pte Ltd., Singapore

    Batteries, UPS, Battery Charger

  • FiberFix, USA

    Professional Repair Kits

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